Fandy Su won the Best Male Singer of the Year award at the 2024 All Star Awards on the New Music Chart

The 2024 All Star Festival of the New Music Chart was held in Chengdu on May 8th, attracting the arrival of many well-known artists. Numerous Chinese language music elites gathered together to present a wonderful music feast, with musician Fandy Su winning the Best Male Singer of the Year award on the New Music Chart in 2024.

The New Music Chart Has High Gold Content, Fandy Su's Award is Well deserved

The New Music Lis is one of the credible music lists in China, with original content as the main focus and influential senior musicians, music critics, and artists serving as judges. The list focuses on discovering excellent original Chinese musicians and music works, hoping to use high-quality music works to promote the upward development of the Chinese music industry and inject new vitality into it.

An excellent singer is the spiritual power of the audience, and Huanzi is undoubtedly such a singer. For the past 20 years, his music works have deeply rooted in people's hearts and have a long aftertaste. Fandy Su's winning of the Best Singer songwriter award in 2024 is well deserved.

Embrace music without forgetting the original intention

Fandy Su debuted in 2003 and has accumulated and released hundreds of songs over the past 20 years. Her original and popular songs are all composed by her own lyrics and songs, and some albums are also arranged and supervised. Her unique style of music has also become increasingly popular. In addition to her direct singing, Fandy Su's musical talent has been repeatedly recognized and praised by the public.

Nowadays, Fandy Su is not only a singer songwriter, music producer, but also a record producer. His multiple identities have broadened his career path infinitely, and on each path, Fandy Su has also walked steadily and calmly.

However, for Fandy Su, music is always the most passionate and precious part in his heart. In 2024, he also released many new songs to give back to his fans who have been following him for many years, embracing his beloved music with his original intention.


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